Twenty (more) bags of mulch

You may have gathered, from the title, that we had a productive weekend.  I mean, wow, crazy-productive.

On Saturday we went to the farmers market and then stopped and bought a few new plants (on impulse–what can I say, they were on sale). Then we went home and got busy doing our yardwork.  There was quite a bit to get done. . . it seemed like everything was a bit overgrown, a bit weedy, and bit in need of some “taming.” Trevor pulled bittersweet (it comes up everywhere, not just where you want it), edged, trimmed, and mowed while I weeded the veggie garden and went around to every other garden trimming, weeding, and deadheading.  To my surprise, we actually finished mid-afternoon.  Which was nice, because we were having Trevor’s dad over for supper and I needed to get busy chopping. :)

The garden with the new pink lilies in it is looking really nice–I’m thinking that was probably 20 bucks well-spent. :)

Then on Sunday we put down 20 more bags of mulch–we still had two gardens to mulch and they are two of the bigger ones, also newer, which means the plants haven’t filled in so much yet.  So they take quite a bit of mulch. But now I think we’re done mulching for this year and everything looks so nice and neat! :)

We also managed to clean the house; pit, chop, and freeze a case of cherries; and try a few new recipes.

What a great weekend! :)

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3 Responses to Twenty (more) bags of mulch

  1. Julie Bock says:

    I remember going to get bittersweet with Grandma Anna and mom when I was little. Now I think my mom and your mom go find it together. If I remember right, it is getting harder for them to find. You should just tell them they can have some of yours…..or should we just let them be more adventurous? It keeps them young! :) Hope all is well!

  2. Sandi says:

    Yeah, I remember them bittersweet-hunting, too!

    We transplanted some of our volunteers down at the lake but they didn’t take off–I don’t understand it, since I can’t seem to get rid of it! :)

  3. James Smith says:

    Really informative blog! Thanks for nice posts Sandi…..

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