Cherries and rhubarb

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, we bought a “lug” of cherries on Saturday.

The timing is never great for those–it’s before we really get into the canning season and while we’re still going strong with yard work and lake-going. So sometimes it’s hard to get those cherries taken care of in good time.

But we have a local grocery store that always has a Cherries for Charity event where they give part of the proceeds to a local charity, and I just cannot turn down those luscious Bing cherries at $2 a pound.

So, against my better judgment, when we saw the event going on at the grocery store on Saturday, we went ahead and bought a lug.

Pitting cherries is quite a process, too, if you’ve never done it in bulk.  It’s not difficult, certainly, but it is really messy.  We put on old clothes (the darker the better, in case those stains don’t come out) and take our case of cherries out to the patio. Then we sit out there and pit all the cherries at once, and at the end of the hour (or however long it takes–it’s usually about an hour) we look like we’ve been in a bloodbath. Cherry juice everywhere–hands, face, arms, chairs, table.  And then we hose down the table and chairs and go take a shower.

So that’s what we did on Sunday morning.  However, I knew, with all of the other things we had planned (all that mulch, for one!) we did not have time for a marathon jam-making session.

So, I just roughly chopped them and froze them in 4-cup portions, which is exactly what our cherry jam recipe takes.

Also in this picture is a bag of rhubarb that I pilfered from my sister’s yard–she’s in Argentina, so she’ll never know the difference, right?? (Hi, Carlene!) 😉 Actually I’m in charge of picking all of her veggies while she’s away, so it was totally legit. I’ve got a fair amount of rhubarb in the freezer at this point, too, which is fantastic–I’m going to be making rhubarb muffins all winter long!

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2 Responses to Cherries and rhubarb

  1. Carlene Paulson says:

    I’ll be just a little suspicious if our garden is completely bare when we get home! We are getting our fair share of meat and empanadas in Argentina but are missing our fresh veggies!

  2. Sandi says:

    Haha–oh. . . yeah. . . ummmm. . . it was the rabbits!! 😉

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