Adding color

I added some wonderful new color to my front bed last weekend.  We were out running errands and had to waste about 15 minutes before one of the places we were going was scheduled to open for the day. So we decided to look around at a local garden center, really, just completely to kill the time.

But they were having a sale.  Not an amazing sale, certainly, but buy-three-get-one-free, so basically 25% off.

I still wasn’t planning on getting anything. But then we came across a bunch of Blue Butterfly Delphiniums. . . my favorite.  And they were in half-gallon pots and they were only $15 apiece. . . and then, of course, I only had to actually pay for three and I got four. :)  So it was a no-brainer.

I am now the owner of four brand-new, beautiful bright-blue-blooming plants. :)

I took the picture, and then cut their gorgeous blooms off. Which almost broke my heart. But I know it’s much better for the plant–it can concentrate on root growth and foliage growth instead of seeding. So I know they’ll be better off next year because I cut their blooms off immediately after planting them.

But I’m already looking forward to when they bloom again. :)

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