The beans are piling up

Ok, so that’s kind of an odd title, maybe, but it certainly fits the situation in my refrigerator. :)

Our beans started producing about a week ago, and I haven’t had a chance to do anything with them yet, other than picking, washing, and snapping the ends off. We’ve got green ones (those Jade bush beans–they are SO gorgeous and yummy), purple flat Italian ones, and just a few yellow ones.

And instead of staying home and taking care of my beans this weekend, I went to Northfield to spend time with my sister–we had a blast hanging out together for a couple of days–she’s always a hoot! (Hi, Sheri!)

But now, back to reality again, and a fridge already very full of beans . . . and again, last night, this was the view from the sink.

So, tonight, my other sister (Hi, Carlene!) is coming over to help me can bean pickles and rhubarb jam. :) I’m so grateful that she offered her time to help me–what a wonderful thing to have such amazing sisters!

I’ll definitely post some pics and let you know how it goes–but it’s always great to have help when putting up preserves and pickles–it just makes the whole process so much more fun. :)

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