More happy accidents

One of things I love most about gardening is that almost anything looks good. I mean, sure, there are things that really just “don’t work” together in the end, but almost anything is more interesting than grass. (Did I just say that?) 😉

Time after time I’m reminded how little control I really have–I plant and weed and trim and prune but most of the time I feel like I’m mostly just keeping things in check, more than having any real control.  Maybe if I had more time to garden it wouldn’t feel quite so much that way, but, especially by this time of year, at times it feels like everything is on the verge of just taking over.

I don’t really mind that, because it also makes me feel like, if I don’t have time for much gardening, my gardens can totally muddle along without my help.  (In fact, they probably prefer it that way.)

And one of the other things I love most about gardening, which is a direct result of the first thing, is that so many happy “accidents” occur.

Here is a lily that I did plant, alongside a hollyhock I most certainly did not.  And yet, they are so perfect and stunning together.

It’s these kind of accidents that I love to discover on my strolls around the garden. :)

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