Desk flowers

I had pledged to myself earlier this summer that I was not going to let this summer go by without enjoying my flowers. And, since I work 40 hours a week, a great way to do that is to cut some for a vase.

In the past I have not been very good at doing that. But this summer I’ve actually cut flowers every other week or so and brought them to work to enjoy on my desk.  It’s amazing how long cut flowers from the garden last–which just makes a person realize how old retail cut flowers are by the time they get to the grocery store.

I’ve had this little beauty on my desk for a week and it barely shows any age at all.

I’m loving the goldenrod–I will definitely be using that in lots of bouquets to come.  It’s a great filler and also adds a wonderful bright color contrast, especially since a lot of the other flowers I have seem to be pink. :)

The stargazer lilies are so dramatic, and they tend to sort of get lost in the Harry Potter garden beneath all the other foliage. (Yes, I moved them to the Harry Potter garden because I just needed a new place for them. . . the Centaurs in Harry Potter were all astrologers, i.e., “stargazers.”  Yes, I know it’s a stretch.) 😉

I’ve enjoyed bringing a little bit of my yard to the office this season, and there should be good things to pick until well into September–sometimes even October. This is one pledge that’s been a pleasure to carry out.

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  1. Julie says:

    I love the Stargazer lillies. They were in my wedding bouquet. Simply beautiful.

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