Vegetable update

I realized I never gave an update on what I did with the available space in my vegetable garden this weekend.

I looked at quite a few different places in town and was just starting to think I would never find any seed and would have to just skip it. But then I tried one of the big-box stores and they had quite a lot of seed left from this spring.

So I bought about 10 packets of Black Seeded Simpson leaf lettuce (at 20 cents each).  When I got home, Trevor had pulled out the spent and bolting lettuce plants already, and I had about a half-row of space to seed.

So that was pretty exciting. 😉

I will be interested to see what sort of yield I get and if they actually do have time to come up and do much before our first frost.  It’s been a weird year, weather-wise, so I’m thinking we’ll either have a hard frost the beginning of September or not until the end of October. :)  It probably won’t be an “average” year, I’m just guessing.

And, since the lettuce obviously isn’t coming up yet, I thought that sharing a photograph of the bare spots might be just a tad bit lacking in interest. :)  So here’s a picture of the Bird Bath Garden that I took on Monday.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Sheri says:

    I like the mental picture of lettuce ‘bolting’.

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