Saying goodbye. . .

. . . to the lake, and, it feels like, to summer.

We spent our last “summer” weekend at the lake–most of the family was there to help close up the cabin, so to speak.  Not that we really do close it up–Trevor and I will go down at least one more time, maybe two, and my parents will be down quite a few times before they shut the water off and really close up for the winter.

But we took the dock, boat, and boatlift out of the lake, washed all the sheets and towels, and cleaned out the fridge and the cupboards of anything perishable. It feels pretty final.

I love fall, as I’m sure I’ve shared with you many, many times. It might even be my very favorite season. . . as a gardener,  you know, summer has to be pretty much right up there at the top as well, but there’s something so amazing about fall.

In this part of the country, we will most likely have at least one more month of beautiful weather, possibly two, even (once every 20 years or so) perhaps three. But now that school has started again (the school I work at is actually in session today, so I’m getting ready to leave for work as usual this morning) it’s just not quite the same.

Labor Day weekend at the lake is always bittersweet. :)

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