Veggie update

Yesterday the minute I was home from work and changed into yard clothes, I was out in the garden picking beans. I picked green beans and purple beans–they both seem to be continuing to produce without any pause. And, although I do prefer both the taste and texture of the Jade green beans (actually over any other bean I’ve ever had), I will say one thing for those dark purple ones–they are REALLY easy to pick! They don’t hide in plain sight like those green ones do, where you think you’re done picking and all of a sudden you see another five beans hanging there that you didn’t see the first time.

I checked on the cabbage, and I think it’s ready to pick–we’ve got three nice, big, beautiful heads of it.  I’ve never grown cabbage before, however, so I’m not really sure how you know when it’s ready.  Just by size?  Anyone out there got some cabbage knowledge they can drop on me?

I also checked out the lettuce I just planted a few weeks ago–it’s up, but it’s really tiny yet–I will be surprised if we actually end up getting much of anything.  I suppose though, if we get a few more weeks before frost, we might get some lettuce large enough to harvest.  I figure it was sort of an experiment, and, if nothing comes of it, I’ve lost nothing other than the (very small) cost of the seeds.

Just as I was leaving the garden with my bowl full of beans, I noticed my carrot patch. I haven’t thought much about it this summer, mostly because the germination rate seemed really bad, for some reason, and so far the carrots haven’t looked like they’re amounting to much.  But the tops that were there looked pretty decent, so I decided to pull one. Keep in mind that, at this point, I can’t even remember what kind I planted, because I know I thought I had ordered some multi-colored carrot variety seeds and then hadn’t. . .so I’m not sure where I got these and I don’t remember what colors I ended up with. (I know, I know–my powers of organization are truly pathetic.)

Anyway. . . it was a purple one.  Pretty small, only about 4 inches long, so obviously they could use a few more weeks in the ground, at least. But it looked very different from the purple carrots I’ve had in the past, which have always been bright, almost pinkish purple on the outside and then bright, bright orange on the inside. So I cut this one up to see what the inside was like.

Pretty cool!  I’m also looking forward to seeing what color it is when it’s cooked–if I’d have thought of it last night I’d have thrown it in the microwave just to check it out. I also might have to do a little research and try to figure out exactly what kind of carrots these are, because I think they’re pretty awesome.

Gardening is so exciting, isn’t it? :)

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3 Responses to Veggie update

  1. Molly Gallaway says:

    Gardening IS fun!

    With the carrots, if you cover them heavily with some hay or straw you can harvest them all winter. The ground stays warm enough with the hay that you can get a shovel in and the ones that aren’t pulled in the winter will produce seeds next spring. The carrots won’t mush up either.

    • Sandi says:

      You know, I have heard that before about carrots–the thing is, I have absolutely no desire to be out digging carrots in the snow and 20 below temps in January. Hahaha!

      Hopefully they’ll be a bit bigger when I dig them out in a month or so! 😉

      • Molly Gallaway says:

        I’ve been known to do that. LoL!!

        Nothing is sweeter than a fresh dug carrot in January. But I totally understand the not wanting to! There is something about putting on several layers just to go out and dig a couple of carrots that isn’t my idea of fun either.

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