The veggies are still coming

I was out picking veggies last night (seems like a common theme lately). I got a few beans, but really they are starting to succumb to rust and most of the ones that are left on the plants at this point don’t look too great.  So I may just pull those out and be done with them.

I got a few tomatoes–lots of cherry and pear tomatoes and a few bigger ones.  There are still a ton of green ones on the plants, so the final harvest is just going to depend on the timing of the first hard frost.  I have way too many to even consider covering them up.

The cabbages look great–I’ve actually been meaning to pick them for a week or two but I don’t want to pick them until I have time to do something with them.  I guess they’re probably better off still on the plant than sitting in my basement.

I also grew cauliflower this year (for the first time), and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Honestly, I sort of expected it to be earlyish in the season, like the broccoli–although this season certainly was later for everything because of the cold spring. I have about six cauliflower plants, and I’ve just been sort of leaving them be and checking them every once in a while, not even sure what exactly I was looking for.  But last night I found it. :)

I suppose I’ll leave them on the plants as long as I can and see if they get any bigger–I’ll be very interested to taste them and find out whether they were worth the space or not.

I do miss the potatoes, though, and next year I’m definitely planting a couple rows of potatoes.  We’ll see if I remember to order them next spring. :)

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