Turnip trials

My Master Gardener seed trial results are due today, so, in the spirit of not ever being prepared (at least it feels that way sometimes), I dug, counted, measured, and then taste-tested six varieties of turnips last night.

It’s certainly not difficult, but it does take a little time, and it’s a bit more complicated than one might first expect to be able to keep six separate turnip varieties not only separate, but somehow labelled so you know which is which, while chopping, cooking, and taste-testing them.  I just boiled the little pieces one kind at a time and put masking tape letters on the plates–it seemed like the easiest way to go.  Of course, they weren’t all done at once, because I only have four burners and I wasn’t about to go dirtying 4-6 pots, so I just did them one at a time and then warmed the first ones up just a tad in the microwave when they were all done.

I tasted them each straight out of the pot, and also at the end all together so I could compare.

My results are all ready to be plugged into the online program, so it feels good to be done with that.  And then I’ll be looking for some new turnip recipes to try with what’s left.

I’d have to say, this was my favorite turnip by far (and not because of the taste).

Hehe. :)


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  1. Nancy Inada says:

    is that the plumbers turnip?

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