Signs of fall

I was out looking for some flowers to cut the other day–there are still, suprisingly, quite a few beautiful things to choose from. I have been cutting bouquets all summer, and I must admit, I’ve been loving it. I guess a person who loves the garden can’t ever really spend as much time there as they’d like (especially if they have the need to hold an actual job), and it is wonderful to bring a little piece of the garden to my desk every couple of weeks.

As I was digging around looking for some complementary blooms (this is a color combination I just love–it’s Bells of Ireland, sweet peas, purple runner beans, and a couple of stray petunias), I noticed my pot of “pumpkin on a stick.”

It’s looking pretty good–it’s a bit hidden behind some other perennials so I don’t see it every time I walk by, and last time I noticed it, the little “pumpkins” were still very green. Aren’t they just adorable?  I love how shiny and bright they are! :)

I typically end up buying a couple of these seedlings every spring at a plant sale held by the local Botanic Garden Society–it’s the only place I ever see them. It’s usually sort of an impulse purchase, in spite of the fact that I do it almost every year–I don’t really need them for anything, but they’re always super inexpensive and I think they’re really cute. I rarely actually get enough stalks to do much with them, but I always figure it’s just fun if I end up with any at all.  Usually I just stick them in some fall arrangement or another, and although the leaves will eventually dry up and fall off the stalk, the little “pumpkins” stay nice for a really long time.

In fact, now that I think about it, I may dedicate a portion of a vegetable garden row to them next year, and really go nuts with the fall arrangements! :) I’m really going to have to start writing myself some notes for next year. 😉

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