Off for a break

If you have been reading my blog for a while (and thanks, if you have!) you may know that every fall, Trevor and I take a four-day weekend and spend it at the lake, just the two of us.  It’s usually the last time we’re at the lake for the year, unless we end up going down just for an afternoon at some point to rake leaves. But it has been a wonderful tradition that we started years ago and I look forward to it more than almost anything else we do.

The lake in September is usually gorgeous–the weather is often still very good, and frequently nice enough to actually sit out on the deck and enjoy the sunshine. The other thing that I LOVE about the lake in September is how quiet it is–hardly any boats on the water, very few cars driving by on the road, and not much walking traffic. Most everybody has gone home for the winter, and the peacefulness is truly renewing.

Also, it’s a four-day weekend with my best friend, spent completely together, one-on-one–how could it be bad? We cook (a lot), we go to Glendalough State Park and walk around the paths, we might drive over to Inspiration Peak and make the short (but steep) hike to the top. We will probably drive the back roads in search of bittersweet. We will, most certainly, read some books and watch lots of movies.

Do I have things at home I should be doing instead?  Probably.  Almost certainly. There is cabbage in the garden that needs to be picked and (somehow–I haven’t decided yet how) preserved. There are tomatoes to be picked and made into salsa. There are herbs to be dried, there are flowers that need deadheading and trimming, there are leaves that need raking, there are weeds (still) that need to be pulled. And, once all that gardening and canning and freezing is done, the house will still need to be cleaned. And all my closets will still be an unorganized mess.

But you know what? Those things will all wait.


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  1. Dixie says:

    Sounds fun and relaxing!

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