Saying goodbye. . . again :)

We had a wonderful four-day weekend at the lake–most likely our last one there until spring.

It’s so hard to say goodbye, again, even though I know it will be time to get back down there and open up the cabin again before we know it.  But winter seems so long sometimes.

We had a couple of cool, rainy days, and then on Saturday and Sunday it was absolutely gorgeous–warm and sunny and wonderful.  Just the perfect weather for our last weekend there.  We sat on the deck and read, watched lots of movies, as predicted, and went into town for lunch one day. We tried a few new recipes, ate lots of junk, and slept late. One night we had a bonfire. We also went over to Glendalough State Park and walked around the paths–and, of course, I had to take the obligatory photos of the dog cemetery. :) (We Stephen King fans just can’t help ourselves sometimes.) We also, as we always do when we’re there alone in the fall, talked about how awesome it would be to live there all the time and what kinds of changes we’d have to make to the house if we were going to live there full time. (Don’t worry, family, we’re really not planning on it–just like to dream about it.) :)

But those four days went so fast–I am already missing the lake. Maybe we could fit in one more lake weekend before we really hang it up for the winter. . .  😉

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  1. Molly says:

    Good for you! A great long well deserved weekend. :)

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