Varmint central

That’s what I’m going to call our yard from now on.

I’m sure you’re aware of my rabbit problems. . . if not, let me just say that it’s an ongoing battle. And at this point, I think the rabbits are winning.

We also have gophers occasionally, which, of course, drive Trevor absolutely nuts because they make holes in his lawn! Typically we try to deal with them quickly before they multiply.

We also have squirrels, and, although we have a friend in the cities (Hi, Wilbur!) whose garden is vandalized regularly by squirrels, we really haven’t had much of a problem with them (yet).

So a couple of weeks ago I saw a snake. I was coming out the front door, down the front steps, and it was slithering down the sidewalk.  As if taunting me. I saw the same (or at least a very similar) one a couple days later, slithering into the front garden as I walked by.  I am disturbed by this.  I know garter snakes won’t hurt me, but I have a snake phobia. And yesterday Trevor had run-ins with the snake(s) twice while he was out trimming the yard. (I should be clear–by “run-in,” I mean he saw them.) 😉

The irony is that, I would think that having snakes in the yard should at least cancel out ONE of the rodent problems.  But Trevor said at one point he saw the snake and a rabbit eyeing each other from separate gardens.

Oh goody.  They were probably making some sort of diabolical agreement.

On that note, I’m going to leave you with a shot of my beautiful purple runner beans–I love the dark purple beans that appear after the flowers. (I have heard that they are completely edible, just not very good.)

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