Change of plans

Yes, I had big plans for the weekend. And I accomplished a lot. But very few things that I got done were actually on my original list.

What happened was, we got a reprieve on the tomatoes. The weather forecast had been for about 30 degrees on Saturday night, so our plan was to pick all the tomatoes, green or red, on Saturday, and then take care of them on Sunday. But the weather forecast changed. (Doesn’t it always?) By Friday night they were only predicting lows in the lower 40s (which is what we ended up with) and it looks like we might have another week or so for those tomatoes to ripen on the plants.

Also, it rained all day Saturday so I ended up doing only inside chores–although Sunday made up for it with a high around 60 and a beautiful, bright sunny sky. October can be so amazingly gorgeous, can’t it?

So, I baked pumpkin zucchini bread.  And made squash quiche. And made zucchini casserole. (Are you sensing a theme here?) And replaced the tender sweet potato vines in my front planters with ivys. At this point in the season, they certainly won’t last long, but they were only a buck or so apiece, so I said what the heck. Ivys are pretty sturdy and can easily last through a few freezes.

On a sort-of-side-note, I always get a kick out of the sweet potatoes that grow underneath these ornamental sweet potato vines–here are a couple of the bigger ones that I dug out of the planter.

Then we were at the grocery store and ran into our mailman–who said, “Hey, aren’t you going to put your little guys out this year?”

We said, yes, that was our plan as soon as it stopped raining. So, yesterday, we did that as well. :)

I feel good about the things I accomplished this weekend, in spite of the fact that I had to change all my Saturday outdoor plans to indoor ones.  But hey, the bathrooms needed cleaning, too. And I’ve got more zucchini pumpkin bread in the freezer waiting for a cold, dark January night. :)

Happy Monday! :)

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  1. Molly says:

    You got the reprieve, we didn’t. I had to quickly go out Friday afternoon and pick all of the tomatoes that were still on the vine. Now I have many boxes sitting in my kitchen full of green tomatoes that I’m patiently waiting for to ripen. It usually takes a couple of weeks, but they do eventually. In the meantime, I’m planning on what to do with them all. Sauce, ketchup, paste, chili, vegetable beef soup…I just hope that I have enough jars for everything. :)

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