A short report

Happy Monday! :)

I was down with a sinus infection for a few days last week, so now just trying to catch up with everything that waited for me while I was out of commission. :)  I did feel better by the end of the weekend, so that’s good.  I’ve got a scrapbook retreat coming up at the end of this week and I think I’d probably go no matter how I felt–I look forward to it all year! But it would be awesome to be feeling reasonably healthy so I can really enjoy the time with my friends, especially my dear friend Julie, whom I’ve not seen a lot of in the past few months. (She has small-ish children and the summer is always a busy and fairly “non-scrapbooking” time for both of us.)

So, we leave Thursday morning for four days in the woods–a scrapbook retreat at Camp Emmaus, near Menahga, Minnesota.  Good weather or bad weather, we always have a great time. The food is wonderful, the company is fun, and there are lots of projects to get caught up on.

So another three-day week will be nice–but I do have quite a busy schedule in the meantime.  Salon appointment after work today, then book club. . . tomorrow a potluck-style gathering at my house, Wednesday choir, making dinner for a friend’s family because she’s having surgery, and getting ready and packed to leave town for four days.

Yikes.  I’m wondering if I need to re-think my schedule. Oh yeah, and WORK for 8 hours a day (that’s always the kicker, isn’t it??).

But I’m not complaining. I’m healthy and happy and busy and I had a good weekend in spite of the sinus infection–didn’t get much done, but spent some much-needed time with my hubby and my good friends.

Oh, and yes, we also added a member to our happy family on Saturday. . . no, I’m not pregnant, and we didn’t get a dog. . .

The crow in the background has been the tenant of my Mexican bird cage for a few years–now he’s got a little friend. :)

We haven’t named him yet, but we think he’s awfully cute. 😉

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