I’m feeling a bit scattered today. (So, my apologies if this post just goes all over the place.)

Last night I had a houseful of company right after work, which was great–it was a group of friends/coworkers that gets together about once a month and we always have a great time, talking and laughing (and eating, of course).

Today, of course, I’m working a full day, then have some errands to run, then am bringing dinner to a friend who just had surgery, and then packing for my annual fall four-day scrapbook retreat in the woods of Menahga, Minnesota.

I’m feeling just a bit overwhelmed with everything I need to get done in the few hours between work and bed. But I’ve been looking forward to this trip all year, so I’m also really excited. It’s always a wonderful break that goes way too fast! Is it my Scandinavian heritage that makes me think about how it’s almost over as soon as I get there??

I’m going to leave you with a photo of the beautiful squash and pumpkins we have in our kitchen right now–I’ll probably be thinking about how I can cook them after I get back to town again.

I’ll see you Monday! :)

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