Back from the woods

I got back last night from a fun-filled four-day scrapbook retreat in the woods of Menahga, Minnesota.

It was a great time–lots of projects completed (or at least worked on) and lots of friends and laughter. I also went on quite a few long walks in the woods, and it was a gorgeous weekend out there: Thursday was dry and not too cool, Friday was a little misty but still fairly warm, Saturday a little cooler but sunny and gorgeous. My good friend and I went on a couple of walks every day, to shake the kinks out and walk off some of the food.

But yesterday morning we were greeted with this.

It was beautiful–it snowed lightly and softly the whole time until we left. It made we want to listen to Christmas music, or something. It really was gorgeous.  But I’m not ready for this.  On the bright side, it didn’t snow here in Moorhead and we drove out of the snow and sleet by the time we hit Detroit Lakes. It had been cold here over the weekend, though.

Trevor did get the vegetable garden mostly cleaned out while I was gone, so it was nice not to come back to a garden full of blackened plants.

But we’ve still got quite a bit of work to get done this fall, and not a lot of weekends left. I guess what we don’t get done this fall will probably still be there waiting in the spring.


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  1. Julie Kloster says:

    It was and AWESOME 4 days in the woods. You are right, mother nature has so much beauty in those fall colors and the beautiful snow. But I am glad we didn’t have to drive in it though. :)

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