Last bouquet

I think I probably picked my last bouquet of the season.

Maybe not–I mean, you just never know about the weather around here. . . it could stay above freezing for another week.  But there’s not too much blooming at this point besides the mums, and I hate to cut those since they are the only color in the gardens right now. Oh, and the Autumn Joy Sedum, which is tough as nails and still looks gorgeous.

So it figured prominently in the bouquet I cut the other night.

I think it turned out nicely–it’s just a few branch ends of my Ninebark, which needed a bit of trimming anyway, some Sedum, and the last Bells of Ireland I could find.  Apparently, in spite of the fact that it’s an annual, it’s pretty darn tough, too, because a lot of the more tender annuals are absolutely black and mushy right now, and the Bells of Ireland that were still there looked fresh and perky in spite of the cold.

This weekend we’re really going to have to get some yard chores done–you know, all the stuff that’s not a lot of fun, like dumping pots and fitting all the pots and garden ornaments and deck furniture into the shed.  I’m hoping for decent weather–it won’t be warm, but it would be great to be able to do all this at least in the absence of rain or snow. 😉

But first, we gotta get through the work week. :) Happy hump day!

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