The last harvest

It’s the last harvest event of the year.  We belong to the Bluebird Gardens CSA, and we just got our last weekly box of vegetables a few days ago. It was a wonderful mix of turnips, kohlrabi, squash and pumpkins, beets, and spinach.  The spinach is dark, dark green and really crunchy–you can just taste all of the wonderful vitamins and minerals in it! :)

Now, this weekend, is our chance to get even more out of our membership–along with a family-size box membership we get 10 harvest events.  So, earlier in the summer, we drove down to “our farm” and picked 20 dozen ears of corn. We’ve also picked beans this summer.

This weekend we will harvest squash, pumpkins, potatoes, carrots, beets, and maybe a few heads of cabbage.  There is also bok choy and spinach, free for the taking–we will probably get some of that, too, but only as much as we can eat in the next few weeks, since it doesn’t keep much longer than that.

It’s always a fun trip, that last harvest of the year! Then we will go home and try to find room for all the bounty in the basement. :)  I may just have to bake up a few hundred pumpkin muffins this weekend!

We will most certainly renew our membership for next year–in addition to the fact that we are trying to eat more things that are locally produced, we also think it’s a good value. It might seem like a lot when you pay up-front for the whole season, but for a flavor-packed box of vegetables every single week from early June until late October, it’s definitely worth it.


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  1. Pat says:

    You can freeze spinach and use it in smoothies(delish) and in soups!

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