Fall color

It’s probably getting real close to the end of the fall color in this area–the burning bushes (Euonymus) on campus are a gorgeous bright pinkish red right now, but a lot of the other leaves are down.

Most of the leaves in our yard are getting past their prime, although the cotoneasters still look pretty good. (You can see most of the trees have already lost their leaves.)

The thing that’s the most beautiful in our yard right now, though, is our cutleaf weeping birch. We bought it bareroot only about four or five years ago, and it has just taken off. It’s twice as tall as when we planted it, at least, and it’s filled out beautifully.  I just love the gorgeous yellow color the leaves turn (especially against our light blue house). I suppose one of the reasons it looks so beautiful right now is because it’s the brightest spot of color in the whole yard.

It sounds like we might get some warmer weather here for a few days so I’m going to try to get out and enjoy the yard a little bit more before the first snow flies. :)

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