Solving the puzzle

I know I did a post about this last year. But each and every year I am amazed at how my number-loving, computer-programming husband (my way of saying, I guess, that he’s really meticulous and detail-oriented) can fit all of our junk into one 8 X 8 potting shed (with a counter all along one end, which further complicates matters).

In addition, this year we replaced our square patio table with a rectangular one, so the table took up even more space than usual–also he used to put the square one on its side, which he couldn’t do with this one because of the way it’s put together. So I think it’s pretty amazing.

This is all of our lawn and deck furniture and pots and just general garden stuff that sits out all summer. (It doesn’t actually all sit here, in the vegetable garden, but this is after we’d gathered it all up to be put away.) :)

This is the shed, all buttoned up for winter.

It’s a good thing I’ve got Trevor to solve this puzzle for me, or I guess I’d probably have to use his half of the garage for furniture and pot storage. :)

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