The stock report

Haha–see what I did there? :) I know, I’m hilarious.

But I just had to share–we brought the turkey stock in out of the garage last night (yes, it sat in the garage more than just overnight. . . that’s the downside of keeping it out there to chill, you might forget about it).

I took the solidified fat layer off the top (yuck! but at least it’s not in the stock anymore), heated it up just a tad on the stove to make it completely liquid again, and then put it in freezer containers.

Lots of freezer containers. . . this was a good-sized batch of stock.  I’m excited, because it seems like I’ve been going through it like crazy the past few months and I’ve been out for a few weeks now.

The small containers are two cups, the medium ones are two and half cups, and the big ones are 4 cups.  That’s a lot of turkey stock!

But my favorite risotto recipe (which I make frequently, when I’ve got squash and stock on hand) takes eight cups, so at that rate it goes fast!

Maybe this weekend I’ll go through the freezer and grab all the beef bones that we’ve been saving and make beef stock now that I’m in the mood. It’s always a hoot going through the freezer and finding those little gems, because Trevor likes to label this stuff with phrases like “chicken bodies” and “cow parts.” So it’s always good for a laugh. (Yes, we are easily amused.)

And don’t worry, I did label those containers after taking this picture. :)

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  1. Clare Degerness says:

    I want to eat at your house.

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