We love squash. Really love it.  If you’re a regular reader, you probably have noticed that quite a few of my recipes involve squash of some kind.

So, when we were deciding on what things we’d choose for our “harvest events” from our CSA, Bluebird Gardens, of course squash was high on the list. We actually ended up getting two harvest events worth of various kinds of squash.

When we went out to the farm to harvest, it had been fairly cold the night before, and the butternut squash (our favorite kind, mostly because it’s so easy to peel) all looked a bit frozen on one side. But, we figured squash is pretty hardy, so we got eight butternuts.

I put them with the rest of our squash, on a shelf in the basement. This past weekend, Trevor happened to notice the butternut squash were all turning moldy in spots. So, we hauled all the butternuts upstairs, he cut off all the soft parts, and I baked what was left.

And then I had to do something with it.  Granted, I could have just put the cooked squash in freezer containers and left it at that. But I was in a baking mood.

So I made two squash pies and three dozen squash muffins.

The pie was fantastic–I always like pumpkin pie, and I’m sure I’ve had squash pie before (I feel like they’re really similar in taste), but I suppose because of the roasting of the squash in advance of the pie-making, the pies had a wonderful sort of caramelized flavor.

And the muffins are a favorite recipe–I add white chocolate chips to them because. . . well, why not? I love the added sweetness and texture of the chips. And I prefer the white chips to chocolate chips (in this case, anyway).

All in all, I feel like it was a pretty successful venture. And we’ve still got about 25 buttercup and acorn squash to get us through the winter.

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  1. Phyllis Paulson says:

    And both were wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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