In a pickle

I have a problem. (Oh boy, left myself wide open there, didn’t I?) ūüėČ

Although I make pickles every summer, and I have a couple of pickle recipes that I think are particularly good, my very favorite pickles are actually store-bought.

It¬†makes me feel a bit guilty, buying these pickles when I make pickles myself. But I just love Gedney’s “Jack and Jill’s Baby Dills.”¬† They’re from the State Fair line of Gedney pickles, and there is something about them that is just perfect for my taste buds, apparently. They’re garlicky, but not too, and dill-y, but not too. . . in short, they’re everything I love in a dill pickle.

I must admit, the pickles that I think are the best of my homemade kinds always have at least some sugar in them.

Not so with dills, and I’ve never actually made (or found) a dill pickle recipe that I love.

So, thank goodness for Jack and Jill’s Baby Dills.

Until now.

Gedneys is discontinuing the State Fair line–in fact, they are morphing it into something else that’s labeled “Homestyle,” and they have not included the Jack and Jill’s Baby Dills in that new product line.¬† I am devastated. (Ok, that’s a little strong.¬† Really disappointed is probably closer.)

Seriously, Jack and Jill’s Baby Dills are the ONLY pickles I buy from the store–and I buy them frequently.

If anyone out there actually knows Jack and Jill, I’d be super-appreciative if I could get my hands on that recipe. . . .¬†¬† :)

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