Slaw update

I did a post a while back about making Freezer Slaw, and thought I’d just do a little update about how it turned out.

I had a couple of heads of cabbage from my garden and didn’t have a lot of ideas as to what to do with it–then I ran across this recipe for Freezer Slaw.¬† I ended up doing two¬†batches–the first batch filled four pint-size freezer containers, and the second batch filled five. The recipe was super-easy and fast, which is why it appealed to me.

The great news is, I took one out of the freezer last weekend so I could add some veggies to one of the meals we were having, and it tastes great!

The only real drawback that I can see is that the cabbage, after being frozen, gets a little bit translucent–I guess the only reason that’s a drawback is that it’s obvious that it’s not fresh.

But I liked the taste of it, and it really did stay nice and crunchy (which I was skeptical of).

So, a big win for the Ball Blue Book as far as that recipe goes. :) I’ll definitely be making this one again next time I need to take care of some cabbage.

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