Winter has arrived

As if there were any doubt, right? It’s been pretty cold for the past few weeks–but we’ve had snow for the past couple of days and it’s looking like a winter wonderland out there.

I’m not really liking it at this point. :)

It will be great to have snow for Christmas, and it really is pretty.

But I’m just not ready for winter yet, as much good as that will do me. I might as well get ready!

As I was leaving my house this morning to all this soft powdery stuff, I thought, well, it’s already enough to serve as a great insulation for the plants. So that’s a good thing.  If we can keep some snow cover all winter it really is easier on the plants.

At least they’re happy. 😉

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One Response to Winter has arrived

  1. Sheri says:

    At least you’re far enough north so that it doesn’t always start out with freezing rain!

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