Winter trimmings

I like to put just a few decorations out in my front yard for winter.  Not a lot–and I don’t do any Christmas decorations outside–no lights on the house, no Santas on the roof, no Nativities in the yard. I do put a plain fresh garland of greens on the front door railings, but that’s about it.

It’s partly because we put up a LOT of Christmas decorations inside the house, which takes most of Thanksgiving weekend, and neither one of us wants to be messing with lights out in the cold.

It’s also partly because I want to be able to keep the decorations out all winter, not just during the Christmas season. And it’s partly because, outside, I really like to stick with natural things for adornment. Maybe it’s the gardener in me. :)

I have a wheelbarrow that we put by the front door–it’s in the back yard filled with flowers in the summer time–and I put greenery in it and then top that off with a pile of birch logs.  It’s nothing fancy, but I really like the way it looks.

This year, I also found a nice tall bunch of bittersweet at a church bazaar (for five bucks–can’t beat that), so I added some greens and the bittersweet to a tall galvanized pail that my father-in-law had given me. I just love how it turned out.

And then it snowed. :)

And I was reminded how, almost every year (but often not until January) my beautiful greens get covered up by snow, and I think, why do I even bother?? But by the time it’s time to decorate again, I’ve sort of forgotten about that, and am excited to adorn my front yard with the beauty of winter greenery. :) Sort of like childbirth, I suppose. 😉

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