Early birds

Any gardener knows that the seed catalogs start sending you their glossy temptations (I have a friend who calls them “garden porn”) early in the year.  Far, far too early to actually start planting (or even buying, probably, in this part of the country).

I often think of the sudden influx of seed catalogs in our mailbox as Christmas in January–and, as I’ve blogged about before, poring through those catalogs is one of the most enjoyable things I can think of in the dark cold of a Minnesota winter.

But somebody jumped the gun this year.

Two somebodies, in fact.

On Thanksgiving weekend I received my first two seed catalogs for this next gardening season.

Unfortunately for these companies, it was too early for me to be thinking about seed shopping (I mean, come on–I was trying to pull together Thanksgiving dinner, Black Friday shopping, and decorating the house for Christmas!), so after I took a picture of them so I could share it with you, I tossed them in the trash.  But take a look at those catalogs–tomatoes and beans! Those people sure have my number, don’t they?

And, in spite of the fact that I did not hang onto these pretties, I must admit that, in spite of myself, they sort of got me thinking about what I’m going to plant this year. . . is it ever really too early to start dreaming? 😉

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