The best roasted chicken

Everyone thinks they have the best recipe for a whole roasted chicken, I know.  If your mother or grandmother made them a certain way, then to you that probably is the best way.

I honestly don’t remember having whole chicken that often as a kid–probably my mom is/was way more ambitious than I am and would actually cut them into parts before baking them.

But I’m lazy.

And a few years ago, when we started getting whole (happy) chickens from our CSA, I found the perfect recipe. Because I wasn’t about to take the time to cut up a chicken. :) Also, an added bonus to making the whole thing is that then you end up with a carcass, out of which you can then make delicious stock. So it’s a win-win.

This recipe uses a crockpot, which is another reason I love it–I don’t typically have time to roast a chicken in the oven after I get home from work. So, in most cases, things like that have to wait for the weekend.

Ok, I’m finally getting to it. :) Here’s the recipe.

Well, ok, I’ll give you a bit more information than that. But it really is just that easy. It’s fresh rosemary, garlic, onion, and celery. And, of course, a chicken. :)

You stuff some of the ingredients in the chicken’s cavity and just toss the rest around the crockpot. Then you top it with a tablespoon of lemon juice, some salt, some pepper, and some paprika. I like to use a fair amount of rosemary (the recipe is actually called Whole Roasted Garlic Rosemary Chicken)–the amount in the photo is what I used and it was about eight or nine sprigs.

So, it’s that easy.  I threw this together in the crockpot last night and put it in the fridge, and this morning I just took it out and turned it on. When I get home tonight the house will smell wonderful–of garlic and rosemary and roasted chicken. :)

Like I said, win-win.

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  1. Colleen Hyde says:

    Sounds great! Is this the one with all the hits? I had to get on the band wagon!
    Actually, I always read your blogs and enjoy them a lot!

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