Snow day!

We had a snow day yesterday–woohoo!! :) It makes me feel like a kid, how excited I get for a snow day. But all the schools in Fargo-Moorhead were closed yesterday so I got a day off!

This was the view out of our kitchen window yesterday.

But I had the most fantastic day.  I spent the day kind of putzing around, picking up, doing a bit of cleaning here and there (still putting the house back together a bit from the Christmas de-decorating), and, of course, cooking.

I made rhubarb streusel cake, beef and onions braised in beer, tri-color couscous, and squash roasted with thyme and honey.

Trevor, unfortunately, had to work, but he brought home a nice bottle of wine with him at the end of the day, and we had quite the wonderful dinner. :)

It’s just the kind of day I love the most–nowhere to be, no obligations to fulfill, and nothing I really HAVE to get done (although there’s always plenty to do around our house). I love just sort of taking care of things here and there, no rush, no pressure. And, obviously, I love being able to take the time to cook a special meal.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for one of the best days of my year so far. :)


Now that I think about it, you know, that beef and onions braised in beer recipe is really good–probably I should have included the recipe. Maybe I’ll do a whole blog entry about it on Monday. :)


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  1. jane says:

    Yes recipes always nice to see. The roasted squash with honey and herb sounds delishious too. 😀

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