Winter interest

I’ve been laying low the past few days because of a recurring sinus infection that’s really kicking my butt. But trying to get back to the world of the living today; we’ll see how that goes. 😉

I did think about my blog, though, as I was blowing my nose and watching stupid things on tv, and one thing that occurred to me in my fuzzy-headed state yesterday, as I looked out the front window, wishing it were spring, is that I should share a photo with you of a beautiful potted purple fountain grass in my garden.

I typically try to do at least two or three pots with fountain grass in the middle–it serves as the tall portion of the foliage, I like the way it looks in general, and it also serves as a fall decoration. So I feel like I’m really getting my money’s worth out of it. I’m sure to put it in pots that are at least small enough to be moved (I have at least four pots that Trevor has now deemed permanently placed because they weigh too much). And then, in the fall, I put these pots with fountain grass somewhere in the front garden, just to add to the interest.

Even once they’ve been hit by a hard frost and are dry and brown, they’re still pretty with the mums and the other fall things in the planters.

And “winter interest” is a big thing with garden writers and people who garden in cheater zones like 5 and 6, where they can actually grow Japanese maples. (Sorry, a little bitterness there–my bad.) So a lot of people say that you should plant things for “winter interest.” A lot of people that maybe don’t live in Minnesota.

Because this, this photo right here, is why, once I’m done with the fall decorations outside, I don’t worry too much about planting (or potting or placing or whatever) for winter interest.

This is my pot of purple fountain grass that I placed in the front garden. Isn’t it. . . erm. . . beautiful?? 😉


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