The winter doldrums

I know, we’ve all got them. If you don’t, then you either live somewhere warmer or you’ve got an attitude to be admired. It seems like everyone I talk to has it. . . the winter doldrums, a winter funk, whatever you want to call it.

We’re sick of snow, sick of cold, and many of us are seriously wondering why we live in this climate.

But the gardening seminars are coming up fairly soon–my group is having our “Gardening Saturday” on March 8, and I CANNOT WAIT. March is, of course, far too early to be doing anything outside, so it’s perfect timing for getting excited and prepared for the gardening season.  It’s never too early to plan, to order seeds, to dream about all the possibilities.

I’ve got a little pot of tiny daffodils and as-yet-to-be-seen hyacinths on my kitchen table–it’s doing its best to keep my spirits up until I can actually get outside.

Sometimes we just have to do whatever we can to plow through the winter. :)

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