Winter interest. . . again

Not meaning to beat a dead horse, here–if you read my blog regularly you might be thinking, “Really?  Is she going to go on some more about winter interest in gardens in Minnesota?”

And yes, I am. But I promise this is the last time. At least until next winter.

As I have mentioned before, I understand the concept of “winter interest” in gardening, and, in theory, I think it’s a wonderful thing. But, here in northern Minnesota, most of the time it’s pointless. And I have one last illustration as to why.

In this photograph you can see (although not real well–sorry about that, this was the best photo I could find at the moment) one of my favorite plants. It’s a Dwarf Blue Globe Spruce.  It wasn’t cheap, I’ll tell you that, but I love it. It’s blue, it’s compact, and I think it’s impossible to overestimate the importance of evergreens in the landscape.

This was taken in August or so–you can see the spruce way over on the right-hand side.

That said, however, in order for a person to be able to appreciate evergreens for their wonderful form and color year-round, they actually need to show.

See that tiny little spruce tip? Isn’t it interesting? ;)

This has been how that same bed in our front yard has looked since approximately November 1st. (Ok, maybe it was a tad later than that. But not a lot.)

So, although I applaud anyone who can work up the ambition, I no longer worry much about planting for “winter interest.” :)

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