Flower fever

Last night I went to the grocery store to buy cream cheese.  Well, ok, Trevor needed some cream cheese for a dessert he was making for work the next day, and I said, I’ll go, but give me the grocery list on the fridge and I’ll pick up those things, too, while I’m there.  It was a short list–turmeric, onions, crushed tomatoes, and then, cream cheese.

Eighty-five dollars, three bags of groceries, and two bouquets of flowers later, I was back home. :)

I think next time Trevor will insist on going to get the cream cheese himself.

But I ask you–how could I resist the flowers? I got a bunch of five of those gorgeous, cobalt blue irises that are common in flower arrangements this time of year–they are so stunning I can hardly stand it. :) And for five long, beautiful stems, not yet blooming, it was only $5.99.

And then, of course, I saw the daffodils–I hadn’t seen those yet this spring, and they are so beautiful, and so inexpensive. . . but of course, I needed two bunches to make a decent-sized bouquet, so that’s what I grabbed.   I kept the irises at home and I brought the daffodils to work.

I feel like flowers are more a necessity than a luxury, and for just about 12 bucks I’ve got two gorgeous bouquets of color.

I think that’s more than worth it. :)

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  1. Merely a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design and style .

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