Little by little

Spring is here! Theoretically, at least.  Hey, I’m not complaining–when we went from 5 or 10 below to 40 or 50 (above) in the space of a few short days, I’m sure we all felt like, “Finally, winter is over!”  I’m sure we will still have our share of cold, windy, yucky weather, and hey, I wouldn’t be surprised if we still have a blizzard, or even two. BUT.  At this point, you just know it can’t last that long.

The snow is melting in the yard, actually pretty quickly.

Remember that tiny little spruce tip that was barely poking out of the snow in my front garden?

Well, there is it, fully emerged (well, almost) in all it’s blue spruce-y glory.

I just may try to do a little yard work this weekend–and when I say “yard work,” I pretty much mean put away the winter evergreens (which are now quite brown) and pick up all the garbage that has emerged from the melting snowbanks.

Happy Friday, and Happy Spring! :)

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