Two steps forward. . .

And then one giant step back. :) There was a dusting of snow on the ground when I left the house this morning–it’s below 20 degrees and feeling pretty wintery.  But we know at this point, it can only last so long.  (I keep telling myself that, anyway.)

This is the pot of grasses that was covered with snow just a few short weeks ago–it doesn’t look much better uncovered, at this point. It’s time to empty the pot and get it ready for some pansies.

It will probably be a few weeks until pansies are available–and I’ll probably only be able to find them at the big box stores–but once I see them I’m going to snap some up. If put them in pots that can be moved, we can always put them in the garage at night if it gets too terribly cold.  Although pansies are pretty tough–I’ve had them live through temps in the teens at night.

I’m sure we’re all getting impatient for the decent weather to get here already.  We’ve had a  couple of gorgeous days, and then it goes back to being cold and blustery again.  I guess it’s just giving us a little taste of the beautiful weather to come (eventually). I’m feeling fairly patient at this point. . . we’ll see how long that lasts. 😉

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