On the upswing

There are still a few bits of snow or ice left in the yard, here and there, but mostly it’s melted off. It was in the high 50s yesterday, and I wish the yard wasn’t so wet–it would have been wonderful to get out and just do a few chores. But tromping around on the soggy grass isn’t good for the soil, so I guess I’ll have to wait.

But things are looking up–I mean, it IS April, but the first couple of days of the month were kind of cold and miserable.  They’re predicting 70 this Wednesday; I can hardly even remember how good that feels.

It looks a little bleak at the moment, but it’s preferable to all that white stuff that was everywhere just a week or two ago. In no time at all, the grass will start to green up.

I’m looking forward to warmer weather, and can’t wait to get out and at least clean a few things up (not least of all the garbage that’s blown into the yard from all sides).

We’re on our way to actual spring! :)

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