Off to the Arb

We’re off to the cities early tomorrow morning, so you get your Friday post one day early. ¬†(I’m sure you’re all thrilled.) ūüėČ

I’m on the master gardener state advisory board for the U of M, and the meetings are held down in Chaska at the Arboretum.

I’m sorry to say this is the final meeting of my term.¬† Board positions are three years, and you can’t be elected two terms in a row. But I know upper Minnesota positions will open up again (one every year, typically), so I’m thinking I might apply again in the future. It’s been an enjoyable and educational experience, and it’s always great to meet with other gardeners.

It’s been amazing to spend some time at the Arboretum.¬† I had never been there before being elected to the board, and now I’ve had quite a few chances to see the Arb in different seasons (meetings are¬†quarterly).

I do wish that I had one more meeting to attend, because the Arb in June is beautiful.¬† But I’m looking forward to walking through the greenhouse, and, of course, checking out the gift shop. :) I’m sure my wardrobe could stand one more Minnesota Landscape Arboretum sweatshirt. One of our friends is actually getting married at the Arb this September, and I think fall there is even more spectacular than summer, if you can believe it. ¬†So that should make for some incredible wedding photos!

This time, though, it’s going to be a real quick trip–down Friday morning, meeting from 10 to 2, then an evening with friends, and back home to Moorhead on Saturday because we have birthday plans with my sister on Sunday. (Happy early birthday, Carlene!)

I’ll be back on Monday, possibly with a photo or two of the Arb in April. Happy weekend to you all!¬†:)

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