Sprouting onion

I was cooking something the other day and went into the fridge to grab the half a red onion I knew I had in there.

Now, let me first say that I frequently use a half an onion and then put the other half in a baggie and back in the fridge. I’m sure that’s a common thing to do.  And, sometimes the onion sort of gets away from me, and by the time I re-discover it, it’s moldy.

This, I’ve never had happen before. And I don’t think this onion had even been in there that long.

It had roots and a green sprout! I’m thinking about planting it, just to see what happens.

I’ve never grown onions before–I always feel like I use SO many onions that it would really just be a drop in the bucket, so not really worth using up my precious garden space for them. And they’re so cheap.

But this one–I feel like this one really, really wants a shot. :)

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  1. Regina Huderle says:

    You should try mixing in a few all natural worm castings with the soil 3 parts soil to 1 part castings, to really develop the root system, since the sprouting has a head start. If you need more info on worm castings or can’t find them in your area, email me or check out our website that should be up in the next week at aboveallearthworms.com

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