A crop of stakes

You may remember we planted 50 shrubs at the lake a couple of weeks ago.  Well, they were so tiny that it was really hard to see them, and of course we didn’t want people accidentally walking or mowing over them.

So I figured before the active “lake season” started, we’d better mark them well.  I bought some big paint sticks, Trevor cut them in half, and I painted the ends with bright pink spray paint.

And then, last weekend, while the guys were working on the new patio (more about that later), mom and I planted stakes. :)  Or, I should say, I held stakes and mom pounded them in with a maul.

We ended up with a beautiful crop of bright pink paint sticks. :)

Really they’re not beautiful at all, but they should be sufficient to keep the mower and the people off our little shrubs until they can get bigger.  Most of them have at least one teeny weeny bit of green growth on them, so I will baby them a bit this summer (mostly with regular watering) and hope that the majority make it. If we can get them through the first couple of years, they should have a good chance. :)


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