The taters are restless

We didn’t grow potatoes last year.  Once I realized I hadn’t gotten any potatoes for planting, I was kind of disappointed–I was sort of thinking I would probably grow some.  But at that point, the vegetable garden was already pretty full. So, I thought, ok, we’ll just skip this year.

We did pick a few potatoes in the fall from our CSA, Bluebird Gardens, though.  I put a few in my little potato bags down in the basement, but ended up taking most of them out because they just didn’t seem to be doing too well.  I suppose the basement is probably a little too warm. I’ve been struggling this past year or two to figure out how to store potatoes so we can eat them all winter, but not having a lot of luck. The garage is too cold, the basement’s too warm, and I don’t have enough room in my fridge, which is where they seem to last the best.

Anyway, I left a few little potatoes in those storage bags just out of laziness–I had nothing specific to do with them and then I just sort of forgot about them.

This is what my potato storage bags looked like yesterday.

Apparently, these taters are raring to go! I guess I’ll plant them and see what happens–I suppose they may be further along than would be best, but there is one thing I’ve learned about gardening: The only thing you can ever be absolutely certain of, is that you just never can tell. 😉

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