Cleanup accomplished

I worked a little bit on garden cleanup every day these past couple of weeks, and I am thrilled to say I finished yesterday. :) It really can be an overwhelming job in the spring, but it is SO nice when it’s done and everything looks tidy.

I have to keep reminding myself that it is still only the third week in May, so it’s not like it’s so terribly late.  But the weather has been so beautiful that past couple of weeks that it seems like summer. :)

I was able to finish up something else yesterday that felt awesome as well.  Last year we got some rocks from Trevor’s dad–I decided to try to use them as a border on our end-of-the-yard gardens, and see how it looked.  Well, I loved it, but we were about a dozen rocks short. (A dozen rocks short of a full load–that sounds about right for me–haha!)

So, Trevor mentioned it to a friend at work that lives in the country, and last week she brought him a dozen rocks, the exact right size.  Imagine my excitement when the rocks she gave us fit PERFECTLY–the EXACT right amount of rock for the space we had left.

So, now we are calling it the Absaraka Garden, in honor of where the rocks came from.  Thanks, Terri!! :)

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