I’m baaaack!

I’ve been gone for a week and a half or so–if you’ve missed my posts, hey, thanks! :)

I went to the lake for the long Memorial Day weekend–actually left town on Friday morning (the 23rd) with my mom and dad, and then Trevor joined us after work that evening.

Then, while we were at the lake, my mom and I decided to go to Omaha to visit her sister–my uncle has been having problems and is in a nursing home right now, so we thought she could use some help (and maybe some cheering up).

So, Trevor and I got home from the lake on Monday afternoon, I unpacked, did laundry, and packed again, and on Tuesday morning my mom and I left for Nebraska.

In spite of some of the things that we did that were hard, emotionally, it really was a good trip.  Pretty short–we had all day Wednesday and Thursday there and then we left to come back home on Friday morning.

This is a terrible picture, and, unfortunately, it’s the only one I took, but it’s good to have one, at least. :)  That’s me, my mom, and her sister, Jane.

So, I’m back–I’ve got lots of things to take care of, since I haven’t been near a computer in about a week and a half (lots of unemployment paperwork to accomplish–yeesh, it just keeps coming!).

But I came home to gardens that grew exponentially while I was gone, and also lots of dandelions. So I’ll share some photographs this week and show you what’s coming up.

Happy Monday!


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2 Responses to I’m baaaack!

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Think the Picture is GREAT! Again…..so thankful that you went!

  2. Clare Degerness says:

    Glad you’re back. I missed you!

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