Breaking in the new patio

We went to the lake this past weekend, and I had the chance to break in the new patio. :)

It was just the four of us there (Trevor and me and my mom and dad) so I was sunning alone. . . usually there’s a whole gaggle of nieces sharing in the ritual. :) But it was a gorgeous weekend–admittedly much cooler than it’s been, but it was just stunning sitting in the sun and enjoying the lake view.

This week my youngest niece is hanging out with me, and I can’t wait to spend a little time with her! She’s so busy in high school these days that I haven’t seen a lot of her in the past few months. But now she’s out of school and all mine, at least in the mornings this week. 😉

She’s going to help me do a little canning and maybe even a little gardening.

Lots of things are just starting to bloom–I will have some pictures to share with you this week!  Happy Monday! :)

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2 Responses to Breaking in the new patio

  1. Kirsten Hoaby says:

    I’m jealous that Erika gets some auntie time! Great post, hope to see you soon!!

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