Black petunias

I always try to avoid garden fads.  You know the ones I mean–new releases of funky flowers that, for whatever reason, are all the rage this year. Mostly I just feel slightly offended by the garden industry as a whole, that thinks we’re so fickle and will buy anything they throw at us. But also partly because I tend to go back to the same, tried-and-true varieties every year, knowing exactly how they will grow and react.

But black petunias.  Oh my gosh.  I resisted them for one season, and then I just had to jump in.  I know they’re weird, they’re trendy, and they’ll probably be gone from the market in another year or two, but they are just so amazing.

They really, truly, look (and feel) like velvet. (You can hardly see them against the dirt in the pot, but they’re there on the lower left.)  I love pairing them with the whitish petunias that have the dark burgundy-black center and then with some kind of dark foliage.  I think they’re really cool looking. :)

So, for now anyway, I’m in with this fad. ;)

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  1. Profile photo of Kari Lucin Kari Lucin says:

    Ooh, I really like those!

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