An amazing weekend

What an incredible weekend!  The weather was just stunning–sunny, not too windy (a little “breezy,” is what they call it around here, but not bad, comparatively), around 80 degrees but really low humidity, which is unusual here in July.

And, holy cow, did we get a lot done!

We’ve had shrubs that have been almost completely wrecked by rabbit damage–there is a little bit of greenery on the bits up to about a foot high, and then it’s bare stems (which have the bark completely nibbled off, more often than not) and then a little bit of greenery at the tips.  Not attractive, when the hedge is about 9 feet tall.

So, we spent a good portion of the weekend pruning. I also tackled the out-of-control bittersweet in the front garden and whacked it pretty much into submission (for now). I just love the way the beds look when they’re all neat and trimmed and mostly weed-free!

The yard, in general, is just beautiful right now.  I’m having a garden tour on July 30, and I sort of wish they were coming now instead–the lilies are in full force, as is the perennial geranium, the ladies mantle, and the coral bells.  I’m hoping that the tall orange tiger lilies will be in bloom when they come, because I’ve got a lot of those.  In general, once I hit the end of July, I don’t have a ton of stuff that’s still in bloom.

But at this point, I’m really happy with the way things look, and with the absolutely amazing weather we’ve been having.  No complaints here! :)

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  1. Colleen Hyde says:

    We should get you on the program list for a Kiwanis garden breakfast next summer!

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