All tidied up

As I mentioned on Monday, we did a lot of pruning this past weekend. We had extensive rabbit damage on our cotoneasters, so we’ve been systematically pruning them down to about 2 feet tall–however, I didn’t want to do them all at once, because I felt the yard would pretty bare if they were all cut down short.

In our front garden, I also had to hack away a ton of bittersweet–I do love it, but holy cow is it aggressive.  It just comes up everywhere.  If you’re not careful, it will choke out your other plants before you know you have a problem.  So I try to be vigilant with it, and spend an hour or two at least every few weeks just pulling and cutting shoots.  We had a huge pile of brush by the driveway for the city to mulch.

But boy does that front garden look all neat and tidy now. :)

It feels so good to finish up chores like that, where you can really tell you’ve accomplished something. I haven’t checked to see what the weather will be like this weekend–we are not going to the lake because we’ve got a wedding here in town on Saturday evening.  But here’s hoping for more great gardening weather.

Happy Friday!

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