Heating up

Yesterday was a scorcher here in Moorhead–I’m not sure what the high was, but when I checked around 5 p.m. it said 94 on our yard thermometer.  Today’s supposed to be even hotter.

I’m not complaining. :) (Yet.) Since it’s the last half of July and this is the first really hot weather we’ve had, I really can’t complain.  I think it’s been a beautiful summer.

The grass is starting to brown up a bit–it would be great to get a little bit of rain at this point, as it’s been a few weeks now since we’ve had any to speak of.  But still, I really can’t complain. 😉

I’m off to Nebraska again tomorrow with my mom, so I won’t be posting until I get back next week.

Enjoy this gorgeous time of the year–it will be gone all too soon! :)

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